What sizes of skips are available and how do I order?

At NatWaste Ltd we have a range of sizes including: Mini, Midi, Builders & Large (links to these pages). Once you have decided which skip you require or if you need any assistance please do not hesitate to call our office, we now take payment all types of debit/credit card.

Where can skips be placed?

Skips cannot be placed on main roads without a permit and correct signage and lights. We can help you organise this if you do not have sufficient access. Alternatively we can organise a wait and load facility.

What access do l need?

Please make sure there is sufficient access to your house/building as the vehicles delivering your skip are LGV’s and normally very large. We can provide you with the approximate dimensions needed to ensure there is sufficient access to allow a safe delivery.

What size skip do I need?

All skips must be loaded so they can be safely transported on the road. Please be aware not all skips can cope with builders waste, as the vehicle may not be suitable to lift or transport it legally.

Always allow plenty of room and if unsure speak to one of our advisors on 0845 415 4152 who will help advise you.

What can l put in the skip?

Skips are for general and inert waste only. We do not accept: food waste, computer monitors, televisions, fridges or freezers, full paint cans, aerosols, solvents, liquids, oil, batteries, tyres, gas canisters, plasterboard (max 10% per load), clinical/medical waste or hazardous/toxic materials (including asbestos) in any form.

NOTE: Surcharges will apply where any of these materials are deposited in a skip without our permission, please ask a member a member of staff for more details.

Why recycle waste?

At NatWaste Ltd we endeavour to make sure that almost all of the items recovered will be sent for recycling. – Due to the ever increasing landfill taxes the days are now over when waste was sent to landfill, instead of disposing of your waste at a cost per tonne into a landfill site we are now able to segregate your waste for recycling creating a resale value thus reducing the amount of waste now being land filled.