The Need For Transparent Waste Data

In the technology era that we find ourselves in - it has never been easier to share data and information almost instantly. Experts from within the waste and recycling industry, have said that the UK needs to adopt a better approach to collect, collate and translate waste data and recycling information if we are to move towards a truly circular economy. This approach helps us to understand the materials that flow through our economy, with the ability to monitor and control resources and where they end up.

In a recent report by the Environmental Services Association they discovered that waste crime is costing the UK over £500 million a year. Experts suggest that better data recording and reporting could reduce this figure - whilst helping both the waste and manufacturing sectors. Alongside small business and other niche markets - which extract value from less common waste streams.

Fly-tipping and Illegal Activity

Perhaps one of the strongest arguments for better waste data recording is how it could help to tackle fly-tipping, illegal exports and illegal landfill sites, with everything being monitored and recorded. This means discrepancies can be identified sooner - and those who are responsible for it can be questioned. As well as allowing companies of all sizes to monitor their waste streams - and recycling rates.

In real terms - trying to adapt a completely transparent approach to waste data may not be truly achievable. Companies in the private sector may be deterred from openly reporting their waste figures because of commercial confidentially - and the potential backlash to public and corporate relationships - if the reports were negative. Adapting a transparent waste data reporting system in the public sector should be much easier.

The Benefits of Transparent Waste Data

Many companies are already seeing the benefits that come with increased recycling rates - including reduced waste management costs. Access to waste data reports is becoming far more accessible across many industries thanks to developing technologies - and the changing mentality that reduce, reuse, recycle is the way forward - with companies becoming more responsible for the waste they produce - and wanting to know where it ends up.

Centralised Body

Waste data for companies across many industries is improving all of the time, but with no centralised body to bring it all together, their is no 'uniformed structure' for comparison or collection across large areas and countries. This has to be the next step in driving the UK towards a truly circular economy.

It appears that the mindset is beginning to change away from a 'throwaway society'; but without anything in place to monitor exactly what is happening with the waste that is being produced - and what happens to it - how long will this mentality last?

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