Plasterboard Skip Hire

As part of The Landfill Directive, the Environment Agency previously allowed construction waste that contained small amounts of gypsum (the main constituent of plasterboard) to be sent to landfill. This was known as the 10% rule. In some areas plasterboard disposal can be quite difficult and extremely expensive. Through our network of suppliers - we provide cost effective plasterboard skip hire. Segregating waste is is not only better for the environment but can reduce your waste management costs as well. Give NatWaste a call today for plasterboard skip hire anywhere in the UK.

NatWaste can provide you with cost effective plasterboard skip hire for dealing with all plasterboard waste and plasterboard disposal.


"On April 1st 2009, the 10% guidance was removed governing the disposal of gypsum. Gypsum, the main raw material for plasterboard, is a sulphate but is classified as non-hazardous. Under the new regulations, waste containing gypsum can no longer be mixed with biodegradable waste at a standard landfill site.

This change in regulation applies to waste containing identifiable gypsum-based materials, such as plasterboard, thermal laminates, glass reinforced gypsum (GRG), plasters, cove and ceiling tiles."

Waste Streams

- Plasterboard waste > Gypsum ceilings, walls, floors etc

- Virgin gypsum board waste (i.e. - production scrap)

- Complete boards or broken parts

- Waste from rebuilds and refurbishment projects

- Gypsum based pharmaceutical products and materials

- Industrial based gypsum products and material