Skip Hire Size Guide

So you have decided that you want to hire a skip? Now the difficult questions...what size skip do you need. This can be quite a difficult decision. Our simple guide is here to make the task a little bit easier. You can find detailed specifications of the skips that are available to hire from NatWaste here.

Skips are available in a variety of shapes and sizes; and do vary depending on the manufacturer. As a rule of thumb - skips are referred to in the volume of the waste that they hold. Ie:- A 2 yard³ skip can hold up to 2 cubic yards of waste. Most skips are available as enclosed and lockable skips as well. So if you are on a site where you need a little more security - or the waste needs to be kept secured. Enclosed and lockable skips are the better option.

2 yard³ / 4 yard³ Skip Hire (AKA Mini / Midi Skip Hire)

These skips are suitable for small amounts of waste, perfect for household waste or garden waste. Perhaps if you are cleaning out the garage or having a sort out before Christmas. To give you a comparison - these skips would hold the equivalent of approximately 22 black bags (2yard³) and 45 black bags (4yard³).

6 yard³ / 8 yard³ Skip Hire (AKA Builders Skip Hire)

Suitable for larger amounts of waste and projects. Our most popular skip for hire is the 8 yard³ Builders Skip. Offering excellent versatility - either for bulky waste or heavy hardcore and inert waste. Remember if you have quite a lot of various waste types to get rid of - it will probably more cost effective to segregate your waste - and have a different skip for each waste type. This should certainly be the case if you need to dispose of plasterboard.  These skips would hold the equivalent of approximately 70 black bags (6 yard³) and 80 black bags (8 yard³).

10 yard³ / 12 yard³ / 16 yard³ Skip Hire (AKA Large Skip Hire)

Used for larger site clearances and projects. 10 yard³ skips are suitable for light bulky waste and shouldn't be used for hardcore or inert waste. As a comparison, a 10yard³ skip will hold approximately 120 black bags.

As with 10 yard³ skips - 12 yard³ skips are suitable for bulky and light waste but can't be used for inert or hardcore waste types. These skips are extremely popular with shop fitters, where lots of packaging and plastic is likely to come off site. A 12 yard³ will hold approximately 140 black bags.

14/16 yard³ skips are a popular choice on larger construction sites and bigger projects. Again they aren't suitable for heavy hardcore or inert waste - but for lots of bulky waste such as plastic, wood or general waste. 14/16 yard³ skips will hold approximately 160/180 black bags.

Looking for something a little bigger?

Our Quick Guide to Roll On/ Roll Off Skip Hire is the place to go.

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