Skip Size Guide

With so many types and sizes of skips available, from small compact bins to large roll on - roll of containers for bulky waste. Choosing the right skip can be a nightmare - here at NatWaste we try to make life a little simpler for you. Our 'Friendly Skip Guide' shows you the capacities, dimensions and approximate 'black bag' quantity - to give you a better idea of what you can fit in there. We also show the size of each skip in comparison with an average family car.

Mini Skip (2 Yard)

The smallest skip that we have available. Ideal for small amounts of household and garden waste.


Cubic Capacity2 yard
Dimensions (approx.) H x L x W32" (0.8m) x 73" (1.8m) x 53" (1.3m)
Approx. Black Bags Capacity15 - 25

Midi Skip (4 Yard)

A good size for medium sized projects - ideal for garden waste and household waste.


Cubic Capacity4 yard
Dimensions (approx.) H x L x W35" (0.9m) x 107" (2.7m) x 66" (1.6m)
Approx. Black Bags Capacity35 - 45

Builders Skip (6 Yard)

Suitable for building waste such as concrete, soil and rubble. Also popular for medium amounts of household waste.


Cubic Capacity6 yard
Dimensions (approx.) H x L x W47" (1.2m) x 122" (3.1m) x 69" (1.75m)
Approx. Black Bags Capacity50 - 60

Builders Skip (8 Yard)

Our most popular sized skip. A larger skip suitable for rubble, soil or concrete - or larger amounts of household waste.


Cubic Capacity8 yard
Dimensions (approx.) H x L x W50" (1.2m) x 135" (3.45m) x 69" (1.75m)
Approx. Black Bags Capacity70 - 90

Large Skip (10 Yard)

A popular sized skip for bulkier or lighter waste. Typically used for bigger clearances and larger amounts of waste


Cubic Capacity10 yard
Dimensions (approx.) H x L x W63" (1.6m) x 136" (3.45m) x 69" (1.75m)
Approx. Black Bags Capacity100 - 120

12 Yard Skip

One of the more popular skip sizes. Typically used for larger projects - for light or bulkier waste types.


Cubic Capacity12 yard
Dimensions (approx.) H x L x W64" (1.6m) x 142" (3.6m) x 69" (1.75m)
Approx. Black Bags Capacity130 - 150

14 Yard Skip

14 yards³ skips are suitable for light, bulky waste items.


Cubic Capacity14 yard
Dimensions (approx.) H x L x W72" (1.8m) x 162" (4.1m) x 70" (1.75m)
Approx. Black Bags Capacity150 - 170

16 Yard Skip

Suitable for larger projects such as shop fit outs, large amounts of light construction waste such as wood, metal or plastics.


Cubic Capacity16 yard
Dimensions (approx.) H x L x W77" (2.0m) x 162" (4.2m) x 72" (1.84m)
Approx. Black Bags Capacity170 - 190

Low Sided RORO (15yrd – 25yrd)

Generally used on larger sites, can take brick, rubble, soil & concrete as well as general waste.


Cubic Capacity15 yard - 25 yard
Dimensions (approx.) H x L x W48" (1.22 - 1.62m) x 236" (6.07m) x 87" (2.23m)
Approx. Black Bags Capacity200 - 220

High Sided RORO (30yrd – 40yrd)

Suitable for light weight waste, used in major refurbishments and retail environments.


Cubic Capacity30 yard - 40 yard
Dimensions (approx.) H x L x W91" (2.39 - 2.69m) x 236" (6.07m) x 87" (2.23m)
Approx. Black Bags Capacity230 +

Skip and RORO Vehicle Dimensions

All dimensions and weights are approximate and to be used for guidance only. If exact dimensions are required please confirm prior to booking.

RORO Vehicle Sizes
Chain Lift Vehicle Sizes
30.05 tonnes
17.30 tonnes
Vehicle Length9.1430'0"4.2714'0"
Pick Up Length Required15.5451'0"12.2940'0"
Travel Height4.7215'6"3.6812'1"
Operating Height5.0316'0"4.3414'3"
Vehicle Height2.508'3"2.508'3"
Turning Circle Kerb to Kerb23.0175'6"15.5451'0"