Van and Driver Hire – An Alternative Solution

We understand that sometimes on site it isn't always practical or feasible to have skip dropped off and then collected; and perhaps the amount of waste that you have to remove doesn’t require you to have a wait and load. Our clients often wanting a small skip where in fact our van and driver hire collection service would be better suited for them regularly approach us. Depending on the type of waste that you need removing from site, our van and driver hire collection service can be far more efficient, is hassle free and can sometimes save you money.

Having a small skip can be a great solution for relatively small jobs, such as demolishing a garden shed clearing out the garage. If you don’t have space to place the skip on your own property – these usually means that you have to apply for a permit, which can add additional time onto the job. Our van and driver hire service removes the requirement of a site permit; and is ideal for a site where access is limited. Safety can be a concern on some sites – with having a skip overnight; with a van and driver service this isn’t a problem.

If you require more information about our van and driver service or any of our skip hire services please give the team a call today on 0845 415 4152