Your Quick Guide to Roll On Roll Off Skip Hire

ro-ro skip hireWe have a number of containers available for hire from NatWaste. Across the UK we believe in offering our customers a wide range of options, as part of our truly comprehensive service. Roll on roll off skips are just one variety of skip for hire. In this quick look guide  - we take an in depth look at these versatile containers.

When Would You Hire A Roll On Roll Off Skip?

There is one huge difference that you'll notice about roll on roll off skips that sets them aside from other containers that we have available for commercial skip hire at NatWaste. RORO skips are the big boys of the skip world - suitable for handling large amounts of waste compare with other skip varieties.

Ideal for larger scale jobs and projects because of their size; traditionally RORO skips are used for demolitions, large-scale construction sites and big refurbishments.

These types of projects produce lots of waste streams including hardcore, rubble, plastic and other piles of rubbish. For sites where large volumes of waste are anticipated RORO skip hire is the way to proceed. There are some restrictions to using RORO skips - the waste shouldn't be deemed as hazardous, or poses a danger to the environment or human life.

Roll On Roll Off Skip Sizes

Our roll on roll of skip hire is available in two main sizes from NatWaste:

Low Sided 20 Yard - Our low sided RORO skips are suited more for general inert waste. For example hardcore waste from building work, soil and other inert waste forms.

High Sided 35-40 Yard - These are the big boys for hire from NatWaste. An ideal solution for sites where you anticipate generating a significant amount of light-weight waste.

For sites where you belive you will be generating a mixture of both heavy and light weight streams please get in touch (0845 415 4152) - and we will be able to give you a competitively priced solution.

Why Would You Choose A RORO Skip?

It may be a pretty obvious answer - but it really is there sheer size. Of course if you have a large project you could opt for multiple deliveries and exchanges of a builders skip - but there are limitations to the weight that can be safely loaded into these 8yrd skips.

When a standard skip is full - such as a builders skip. It is loaded onto a purpose-built lorry, driven back to the transfer station and over turned to unload it, because of this there are weight limits on the carrying capacity of the skip.

With Roll On Roll Off Skips they have almost no limitations. From construction sites to shop refits RORO skip hire is great option.

Hire a Roll On Roll Off Skip Today

For affordable, reliable roll on roll off skip hire - give us a call today on 0845 415 4152 or email A member of the team will be able to help. Need a site permit? No problem or team can handle all of your waste requirements. Get a quote today.