Minimise Your Landfill Tax Costs

Introduced in 1996, Landfill Tax  was seen as the key mechanism to help help the UK meet its targets set out in the Landfill Directive.The construction industry alone is responsible for 109 million tonnes of waste, it is estimated that 36 million tonnes of this waste is sent to landfill (around 32%). To try and accelerate […]


Waste Segregation: On-Site Vs Off-Site

Discussing the pros and cons of on-site segregation versus off-site segregation We all know just how important it is to ensure that as much waste as possible is diverted away from landfill via alternatives routes such as recycling, but can this be achieved better on-site or off-site? The discussion rumbles on… It has been identified […]

EA Hazardous Waste Site Registration Changes

Does your site produce hazardous waste? New changes coming into effect from April 1st could affect you. You can read about the changes being introduced by the Environment Agency by clicking here. If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0845 415 4152 or by emailing

The Need For Transparent Waste Data

In the technology era that we find ourselves in – it has never been easier to share data and information almost instantly. Experts from within the waste and recycling industry, have said that the UK needs to adopt a better approach to collect, collate and translate waste data and recycling information if we are to move […]

featured image skip size guide

Skip Hire Size Guide

So you have decided that you want to hire a skip? Now the difficult questions…what size skip do you need. This can be quite a difficult decision. Our simple guide is here to make the task a little bit easier. You can find detailed specifications of the skips that are available to hire from NatWaste here. Skips […]


Imagine A World Without Waste? That’s A Circular Economy

Changing the “Throw Away” Culture We all know that the world’s metal and mineral reserves are shrinking – but this doesn’t mean that we have to take a step backwards in terms of development. Instead we need to change our culture of “use and throw away”. At NatWaste we understand the importance of the circular […]


Your Quick Guide to Roll On Roll Off Skip Hire

We have a number of containers available for hire from NatWaste. Across the UK we believe in offering our customers a wide range of options, as part of our truly comprehensive service. Roll on roll off skips are just one variety of skip for hire. In this quick look guide  – we take an in […]


Van and Driver Hire – An Alternative Solution

We understand that sometimes on site it isn’t always practical or feasible to have skip dropped off and then collected; and perhaps the amount of waste that you have to remove doesn’t require you to have a wait and load. Our clients often wanting a small skip where in fact our van and driver hire collection […]